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A pair of highly portable, instantly-erectable and collapsible, lightweight, 2m x 900mm oval-shaped pop-open panel kits is supplied in a dual bag. The bag can accommodate more panels should these be required. The major advantages of these panels are:
The size of Pop-Up relative to weight. The panels in a bag weigh 2kg

The low cost of advertising per square meter

They are easily folded away

Their compactness when folded up enables a number of units to be transported in the boot of a small car

They are robust and good-looking

A unique anchoring system enables the panels to be set up in areas where conventional pegs cannot be used. For example, on sandy beaches, paved or tarred areas, and indoors

The ability to change faces and re-use the kits

Any signage company can make them

The polyester fabric can be digitally printed using any make of wide-bed digital printer using solvent-based inks


We offer a unique “walk-in” guarantee on the structural elements of our products. If any part of the structure is worn, damaged or broken – no matter what the cause – it will be repaired free of charge.

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