Rezi Testimonials
(We) Recently used the 3kW heater for 2 weeks (in a caravan) and have nothing but praise for the unit. As long as you are not expecting high flow there is instant hot water available at any time.
Kerry Britton, Perth WA
We installed a Rezi 4 under the ensuite sink a year ago and now enjoy instant hot water. Previously we had to wait quite a while for the hot water to reach that part of the house, wasting many precious litres.
S Hanrahan, Brisbane QLD
I have had a tiny Rezi 5 installed under the kitchen sink for several years, trouble free. Prior to this I squandered 11 litres of water every time I turned on the tap before hot water reached the sink. The Rezi is saving heaps of water, my valuable time, all with incredible efficiency. My power bill has taken a dive.
W.J. Wade, Brisbane QLD

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