Instant Electric Water Heater Rezi

Rezi Instant Electric Water Heater


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Under Sink Installation

240 volts  (Single Phase)

240 volts Model for Under Sink Installation

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Heater for $299.00


Above Sink installation

240 volts (Single Phase)

           Above Sink Installation

                                          Available models:  Rezi 3.3kW, 4kW, 5kW and 7.3kW

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Under Sink Installation

415 volts (NOTE:  Uses only 2 phases plus earth) 

Under Sink Model 415 volts (2 phase + earth)$299.00 delivered

Available models:  11kW (27.5 amps per phase) 7.5kW (18.7 amps per phase)

All Rezi Water Heaters add approx 25 degrees celcius to the ambient water temperature. The ambient temperature will vary depending upon your location and season.

eg: If your Ambient water temperature is 15 degrees celcius (water flowing in to the heater), the result is an output of 40 degrees celcius. 

The volume of hot water achieved is dependant upon the Rezi Water Heater model you choose. 

The Rezi model you choose depends upon the amperage available.

POWER TABLE:                                                             Rezi Water Heater Models
Nominal power intake [kW] 3.3 4 5 7.3 7.5 11
Nominal voltage [V]









2/PE ~ 400V 50Hz

Nominal current [A] 13.75 16.7 20.8 30.4 18.7 27.5
Capacity measured in litres per minute at 15 deg C ambient temperature
40.0 deg C
50.0 deg C




4.8     7.0
3.2     4.7



2 Year Warranty!

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Rezi Water Heaters are the ideal remedy for the Retail Store Basin, Home, Office, Caravan or Farm.   Save water, energy and the environment when you install your Rezi Instantaneous Water Heater.

The Rezi electric instantaneous water heater offers innovative water saving/heating solutions.  Manufactured in Europe since 1988, Rezi has been on the Australian market since 1999.  They work perfectly with Lusan Bidets which are growing more popular here in Australia. Click here to check out their website!

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A win-win for the Environment and You!

When you use the Rezi water heater, electricity is only consumed during water consumption, thus making running costs much cheaper than other water heaters.   Why?  Because the unit is small and may be installed safely at any angle and very close to the outlet, unlike a gas heater or conventional storage heater.

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 In the compact housing (size 86x91x161mm) are heating elements of the following power range: 3.3, 4 AND 5 kW 240V

 REZI has small overall dimensions and yet retains all the technical parameters of traditional, large heating devices
 Its small sizes makes it possible to install the heater above or under washbasins, sinks or next to baths or shower cubicles
 REZI is a successful substitute for heating systems using tank or flow heaters of much larger sizes and power. When installed in a cabinet it takes up little space.

  Heating element

 Heater with an attachment

 Heater with a plastic set

Its small size and affordable price makes it possible to have spare heating elements at

home the same way as having spare light bulbs available.

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