Fake TV's and Display Props for Real Estate Homes & Furniture Stores

These are unreal!

Fake TVs for Display

Fake TVs for Display

We have a range of Fake TV's and other electrical items that can be used for real estate display homes and furniture stores. Take a look below at our selection of retail display props. If you are looking for portable tv props, you have come to the right place.  Here you will find fake LED / Plasma Screen TVs and fake laptops with an authentic appearance.  (The new slim LEDs look great mounted directly on the wall).

If you have a suggestion or request about a fake tv please let us know at sales@retaildisplaysigns.com.au.  Thanks!

Click on the image to view the product.  More Prop TVs are at the bottom of this page - scroll all the way down!!

14 "White Laptop14 "White Laptop
14" Black Laptop Prop14" Black Laptop Prop
55" LED TV Prop55" LED TV Prop



 55" LED Screen Prop - $399.00

 42" LED Screen Prop - $299.00

42 Notebook prop

32" LED Screen Prop - $199.00

14" Laptop Prop $95.00

Computer set Notebook prop
Computer Set $189.00 14" Laptop Prop $95.00
Microwave Oven prop

Dishwasher prop

Dishwasher Prop $459.00

Fake Fridge

Side by Side Fridge prop $799.00 2 Door Fridge $599.00

 Affordable Display Props

Decorating a display home, furniture store or stage? We have the display props you need to make your products look more attractive to the potential buyer.
Retail Display Signs provides realistic LED Fake TVs and Laptop display props that allows your customer to truly visualize how their home theatre will look when fully decked out.

Home theatre furniture is one of today's fastest growing categories.  It's time to get rid of the platic or cardboard boxes that look like TVs that are 20 years old.  Let us help you with the most realistic display props, with slimline LED TV models and most realistic black or white laptos.  These will add value to your displays, enhance the look of your showroom and boost your real estate sales.


14 "White Laptop14 "White Laptop
14" Black Laptop Prop14" Black Laptop Prop
Computer Set - 2 piece (White)Computer Set - 2 piece (White)
Microwave Oven propMicrowave Oven prop
Computer Set - 3 pieceComputer Set - 3 piece
Computer Set - 2 piece (Black)Computer Set - 2 piece (Black)
50" OP Plasma Wall Mount50" OP Plasma Wall Mount
55" LED TV Prop55" LED TV Prop
50" OP Plasma50" OP Plasma
50" OP Plasma with Speakers50" OP Plasma with Speakers
Dishwasher PropDishwasher Prop
Washing MachineWashing Machine
Two Door FridgeTwo Door Fridge
Side By Side FridgeSide By Side Fridge
Fake PianoFake Piano